Even air distribution

To ensure a harmonised temperature throughout the room, Nexura’s vertical auto swing system automatically makes the louvers move up and down, creating an even distribution of air through the room.

Oh so quiet operation

The indoor air unit distributes air at the sound of a whisper. The noise produced amounts to barely 23 dB(A) in cooling and 19 dB(A) in radiant  heat mode. In comparison, the ambient sound in a quiet room amounts to 40 dB(A) on average.

Sleep tight at night

To help you sleep more comfortably, Nexura’s night set mode will prevent overheating or overcooling during the night. If the timer is switched on, the unit will automatically set the temperature 2°C cooler when warming and 0.5°C warmer when cooling. This prevents rapid changes that could disturb your sleep.

Air so pure and fresh

The titanium apatite photocatalytic air purification filter traps microscopic dust particles in the air, absorbing organic contaminants as bacteria and viruses and even breaking down odours.