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Hello Madoka - DEU18-022

The beauty of simplicity

Daikin has introduced a new controller which brings together a unique range of features in an elegant and contemporary design.

Recognised as a leader in HVAC-R design, Daikin is at the forefront in developing air conditioning and heating solutions that combine design with technology to maximise user comfort while optimising energy efficiency.

The award-winning new Madoka controller from Daikin has been developed in response to increasing demand from users for more flexibility, meeting modern climate control needs together with a growing emphasis on convenience and accessibility.

As the result of extensive design and development research, Madoka introduces a unique concept which allows users and installers to experience new approach to air conditioning control and commissioning.

Hello Madoka

Japanese for circle, Madoka embodies gentleness and peace. The smooth curves of the Daikin Madoka controller offer a sleek, refined shape which is distinguished by its striking blue circular display. Presenting a clear visual reference with large easy to read numbers, the controller features are accessed through three touch buttons, which combine intuitive control with easy adjustability for an enhanced user experience.

Stylish and discrete

Its compact dimensions, measuring just 85mm x 85mm, together with minimalist looks and curved exterior will add value to all rooms, offering a discrete solution that blends with any interior design. The unit is available in three attractive colors: white, silver and black.

Fast and easy app setup

Commissioning and system setting is easy: Using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), setup and programme adjustment can be carried out remotely via smartphone, using the Madoka Assistant app. Clear menus and instructions enable faster commissioning with no difficult technical modes to access. The Madoka Assistant simplifies advanced parameter setting, allowing access to functions such as schedule setting, setpoint restriction and enabling of energy-saving functions.


The many embedded features/functions of Madoka provide maximum flexibility in use. Functions can be tailored according the application for example:

Via the simple display, hotel guests can easily set their comfort to their preference, leading to increased customer satisfaction. Optional key card connection and set point restriction guard against misuse and energy wastage.

For commercial office use, the Madoka Assistant offers a simple answer to changing conditions, for example new office layouts, by enabling fast and easy resetting of flaps. Standard integrated infrastructure cooling functions offer a cost-effective solution for server rooms, with inbuilt duty rotation and back-up operation.

In residential applications, the Madoka makes scheduling simple and enables homeowners to track their energy usage as well as activate extra energy saving functions, all from the comfort of their sofa, as smartphone control is possible within Bluetooth reach of Madoka.

Madoka is connectable to all new and existing Sky Air and VRV systems, with the potential for multiple unit control. *



For more information on the new Madoka controller visit

*Functions on the remote controller depend on which system is connected. Refer to technical manuals for further details.



About Daikin Europe N.V.

Daikin Europe N.V. is a major European producer of air conditioners, heat pumps and refrigeration equipment, with approximately 5,500 employees throughout Europe and 10 major manufacturing facilities based in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Turkey and the UK.

Globally, Daikin is renowned for its pioneering approach to product development and the unrivalled quality and versatility of its integrated solutions. With more than 90 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of heating and cooling technologies, Daikin is a market leader in heat pump technology. Daikin VRV and Daikin Altherma are the most sold heat pump systems in Europe, with over 500,000 systems delivered to date.





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